Academy 2015

International Music Academy
«World of classical music»

October 18 to October 23, 2015

First International Music Academy "World of classical music" will take place in Lviv (Ukraine) from October 18 to October 23, 2015

Public organization “Artistic Association “World of Classical Music” and Oleh Krysa Foundation are the founders of the Music Academy.

The Academy is established for the purpose of:

  • popularization of classical music;
  • transmission of traditions of various schools of violin and experience of outstanding teachers and performers to Ukrainian youth that will improve their professional level and provide an opportunity to communicate directly with both outstanding musicians, and with their peers from around the world;
  • improving skills of young teachers of music in Ukraine during the review of the methods of teaching and work on specific pieces of music of famous musicians and educators;
  • establishment and development of relations between teachers and world class violin performers, on the one hand, and the musical youth of Ukraine and other countries, on the other hand.

The first tage of the Music Academy will consist of workshops, to which such outstanding violinists will be invited:

 Oleh Krysa  (USA) — professor at Eastman School of Music, Rochester (New York, USA)

Students of secondary special education institutions, students and graduates of universities of music are invited to participate in workshops. Underage participants of workshops should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Selection of participants of workshops is conducted on a competitive basis — based on the DVD, enclosed to the application with recommendations.

Registration of students will take place in the premises of Artistic Association “World of Classical Music” on October 18, 2015.

Terms and deadline for applications:

Application (application form.doc, application form.pdf) to participate in the workshops can be submitted both in electronic form (, and mail to the address:

Public organization “Artistic Association “World of Classical Music” Iv.Franka Str, 48/4 79005 Lviv, Ukraine

Application deadline — October 01, 2015.

Application should include the following documents:
  • copy of passport or birth certificate;
  • color photos, preferably in digital format (resolution 300 dpi);
  • recommendation from famous musician or a violin teacher (sent by e-mail, obtained directly from teachers are accepted);
  • brief performer's resume;
  • two copies of the unedited recording in DVD format up to 20 minutes (preferably works of 2 contrasting styles). Make sure your DVD can be played on normal players.

n the application candidate must indicate which specific works, and its number (maximum of three) he would like to work out with a teacher.

Applications incorrectly prepared or sent without the above mentioned documents will not be accepted.

Entrance fees:

Simultaneously with submission of the application (up to October 01, 2015) each candidate has to make an entrance fee, which is non-refundable, in the amount of EUR 20 or the amount in dollars or hryvnyas, which is equivalent to the amount indicated in euro according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of payment. The candidate must make a contribution to the current account of Oleh Krysa Foundation (Lviv).

Bank details:
ACCOUNT: 400887156801EUR
ACCOUNT: 26007355014395.978
PAYMENT DETAILS: "Charitable donations"

Contributions for complete "active" training: 450 euro
The participant who is actively involved in workshops and one person accompanying the minor participant (one parent or guardian) are entitled to free access to any classes and concerts during the workshops. If the above payment is not received in time for October 10, 2015, your place in the class will be canceled and given to another candidate

Contributions for the "passive" course: 50 euro per person

The above payment must be received no later than October 10, 2015!
Passive course entitles to visit any sessions and concerts during the workshops.


During the workshops we ask you not to bring:

  • audio, video, photographic equipment;
  • food and beverage;
  • large suitcases

Insurance and other documents:

Participants (students) are required to insure themselves and tools for the time of workshops. Each participant is required to declare his instrument to customs authorities at the entrance to Ukraine. If a participant plays a rented instrument of high value, he must have an appropriate document confirming the right to use it.

Participants, who are invited for workshops and living in a country that has a visa regime with Ukraine, should independently contact the embassy (consulate) to obtain a visa to Ukraine. Management of Music Academy does not provide students and other persons, accompanying them, any kind of insurance.

Accommodation and travel

Participants must arrive at master classes at their own expense. During the workshops management of Music Academy offers students and other persons accompanying them accommodation (hotels, hostels, apartments):

  • Rooms of boarding school of Lviv Specialized Music School — from 70 UAH/day
  • Single rooms — from 250 UAH/day
  • Doubles — from 300 UAH/day
  • "Deluxe" — from 400 UAH/day

Organizers of workshops can also book rooms in hotels of the city at the request of participants and accompanying persons.


Iv.Franka Str, 48/4
79005 Lviv, Ukraine
tel. +38 095 460 09 73
tel. +38 093 244 32 92
tel. +38 067 672 66 77
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